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The start of a new year is always so exciting and the time to finally start on those resolutions that we keep thinking about throughout the month of December is put into action. 2017 for us was a year of  beginnings and getting through the initial hardships of starting a business. We are still finding ourselves and learning through this process, so that’s why this year is about growth and taking risks for us. Here are some resolutions that we will be working on and maybe can inspire someone as well.

We are the worst self critics sometimes that we always second guess our work and there are the occasional times we compare ourselves to other photographers and videographers who have started their business long before us and those scenarios don’t always end well. This year we’re trying to know our worth and practice confidence while still staying humble and supporting others.

This year we want to create content that inspires ourselves and others. More of what makes us and our clients happy and less of projects we take on ‘just for the money’. This is a tough one because we obviously we need the money, but we need to start creating works that make us proud and to grow. We also would love to give back to our community and do some giveaways and to donate some of our proceeds to a cause bigger than us.

This is also our personal resolution. We have found ourselves at a point in our lives where we need to stop playing safe and start taking risks- personally, creatively, and professionally. Our end goal is to provide for our family and things need to change for this to happen, even if we start off with the smallest steps.

We’d love to grow our business and be more smart when it comes to being freelance photographers/videographers. We’d love a well rounded base of ongoing clients that we love working with and to network way more than we are now.

In order for us to refine our style and aesthetic, we both would love to keep learning our craft and develop a unique style that people can distinguish is Studio Luniste. To do this, we need to create more quality work often.

Does anyone else have any resolutions they’d like to share? Personal ones and/or career ones? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to know!

We’re so excited for this new year of growth and risks! Cheers to 2018!