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F uel. Sometimes when we are editing away for hours at a time, we try to remind ourselves to eat. Usually we don’t eat meals when we are working, so simple snacks are our way of having the energy to keep going. We also made the switch from eating greasy chips to tasty, healthier options. We started gravitating towards these three specific snacks and we wanted to share them because they are so good not to and they are simple and easy!


We’ve tried numerous amounts of protein bars and they are either packed with sugar or taste pretty cardboard-y. However, the RX Bar has blown our minds. It has simple ingredients and the packaging is so appealing to us. It even mentions that the bar itself has “No B.S.”. Our favorite flavors are the Coconut Chocolate and the Sea Salt Chocolate and mixed with those ingredients, the bar itself is thick to eat and so chewy, never dry or hard to bite. Please try them, you will not be disappointed.


Another easy snack to stock up on are nuts. We love pistachios that are unshelled and almonds. They are so healthy for you, bite sized, and super easy to snack on. Even if you overeat on these, it doesn’t matter much because of the benefits. Also, they get you full pretty quick which is awesome. We buy ours from Trader Joes and the bag can last us for a week or two.


Yes, we’re adding in avocado toast because it’s simple, easy, and so tasty! We found a way to make it that is quick and fits our flavor needs.
Here’s how we made ours: mash up 1 avocado with 1 Tbs diced red onion & 1 tsp lemon juice. Spread on top of a toasted multi grain bread and season with salt and pepper. Our finishing touch is a seasoning blend from Trader Joes, the Everything but the Bagel Sesame Blend.
Omg guys, this seasoning blend is such a game changer. It adds a garlic taste to any food, but on this avocado toast, it completes this simple snack for us.

— Thanks for reading this little fun post. Sometimes we like to share the simple things we enjoy in life that can benefit anyone. We’ve been so tight on time with shoots, editing, the holidays, and our own personal life, it’s so hard to create extra content for the blog regularly. Please, check back for more updates in the next couple of weeks. We have tons more to share!