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W e have a lot going on. We both have day jobs, this business that we’d like to grow even more so we can quit said day jobs, have two babies under two years old, are still trying to go on little dates when we can, and also do our own personal thing just so that we can be sane. It’s hard, ain’t gonna lie.

Since starting this business professionally, we developed our own little ways on staying productive with our work. This is an ongoing thing and we will probably change things from time to time, but we’d like to share some of our tips that have really helped us out lately.

A no-brainer, this is our fuel for the day. It’s sad to admit, but we drink coffee more than we do water some days. Everything about it helps us stay focused; the taste, the smell, and the idea. It’s all probably in our head anyway, so might as well drink it.

When we spend time editing our work, we still need to be inspired to get through the hours that we spend staring into our computer screen. The sound of celestial white noise drowns out the environment that we’re in including its distractions and brings us to a place where we can focus on our task, whether it be editing, reading, or getting any project done. Enrique really likes this one: Celestial White Noise

We personally need to get out of the house to focus and to basically get things done. We love spending time with our children, and we do but we can’t stay at home for obvious reasons. We usually do our editing and other types of work for Studio Luniste at coffee shops because we’ve always been drawn to the environment. We also like libraries, downtime at our work, and even small restaurants if there’s wifi and the vibe is chill.

When we have a list of things to get done, there’s this satisfaction of crossing those items off. As much as we are a part of the digital age, when we make lists, it is always with pen on paper. When we have deadlines, we usually create our own personal deadline just so that we are on top of things and most clients love having their products earlier. Also, we need to move onto the next project on our list.

This is an important one, especially when editing for long periods of time, or any project that requires you to be in one space at length. When we stare into our computer screen for too long, we lose our ability to see the big picture. When we take a 5 minute break or a 1 hour break, it helps so much to refocus on our work. We usually eat a snack for energy or take a little walk outside with our kids for some fresh air.

We’re getting into the groove of things and finding what works best for us. We also think an awesome tip is to just psych yourself out with your work. Have a positive attitude and outlook on your work and be passionate about everything in your life. With that attitude, you can definitely be productive. The fun part is seeing these tips turn into habit and then it is a part of our work routine. Try some out and let us know!