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Amy and Adrian were one of the first couples we photographed when we first started Studio Luniste and they are now engaged and this is now our second winter session with them. It’s crazy how much things can change in a year. They are an amazing and down to earth couple so shooting them this time around felt very natural and fun. We didn’t have a plan really on location or poses, so we just walked around North Park and stopped at places that matched their attire and moods.

First off, they wanted to do something different. They wanted something that reflected the holidays, but not the usual. They are big football fans and found these sweaters on Amazon and decided on using that as the theme for their Christmas cards this year which is pretty awesome. Funny thing is, Amy is a Steelers fan and Adrian is a Raiders fan. We had a lot of comments and stares from people on the streets, but they didn’t mind the extra attention and used that as a way to play up the camera. We ended up doing some shots of them playing nice and being naughty. It was really fun and different to shoot and I am glad that they wanted to do something different than the norm.