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We started our special end of the year sessions with a beautiful family of ten! Shelly & Stacy are sisters who have families of their own and they wanted to capture their complete entire family with an autumn family shoot with us. We love family sessions because we get to catch a glimpse of how other families interact and see the dynamic they have. It’s a special thing that we get to witness as storytellers.

An autumn session isn’t complete without matching colors and a beautiful scenery with tons of leaves and twigs that the kids can play around with. We agreed on Montevalle Park in Chula Vista because of its lush, woodsy area that gives such a great rustic vibe to their orange + yellow color palette. We wanted them to stand out and I think their choice in color is perfect for this shoot.

Working with kids is always a hit or miss, but since we have children of our own, we know a thing or two on how to keep the energy and to know that if you divert their attention to something else, meltdowns won’t be too unbearable. Also, we understand when kids decide to galavant to another section of the location. The key to this is to go with them. Take that opportunity and create fun and in the moment portraits of the children because that is how their parents see them as and will love it in the session package.

So the pro tip here on photographing a large family with children is to keep your own energy up. Fuel up on caffeine before the session and amp yourself up. It’s amazing to see how the vibe changes when you’re having fun with the family your photographing and to know also that sometimes you can’t get perfect shot right away, but just keep going.

Thanks Atangan family, you guys were so awesome!