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W e’d love to introduce one of our first clients, fashion designer, Paige Serrano and her clothing line, I Am Sublime. We have been working with her to create lookbooks for her website, be at events to document runway shows, and to overall help out with creating content. Her boho, beachy line caters to chic, eclectic women of any age who is either traveling to paradise or lives in a beach town like we do. No matter what the season may be, San Diegans are always down for a trip to the beach and is almost always wearing some sort of beachwear, even in autumn.

For her Fall line, we wanted to play with texture, autumnal colors, and wood pieces. We thought the perfect beach to play up these ideas was Torrey Pines. Their cliffs and rocks have these beautiful textures and patterns to them along with different shades of brown that we wanted to highlight. Along the beach, the rocks also form crevices that are fun to take photos in. Along the trails are amazing fragmented pieces of wood and plants that give a wonderful look paired with her sheer merlot colored clothing, such as a skirt worn by one of her models, that blows along with the wind, creating fun and moody photographs. The white lace is perfect juxtaposed against the rock formations and with the water to create a minimal and serene feeling.

Paige’s models were such pro’s during this photoshoot. We hiked and walked along the longest path to get to the beach, we trekked along the path of the beach during high tide and had to balance on rocks and dodge waves coming at us for a half a mile or so, and we also rebelled against one park ranger who said we needed a permit to take photos on the reserve. We didn’t carry tripods or brought too much equipment with us, so we decided to go ahead and ‘hike’ with the other hikers, we just weren’t wearing workout clothes and took some photos along the way. We left the trails as it was and admired the beauty; no harm, no foul. (Will definitely look into places in the future where we may need permits for though. We learned from it at least.)

We had such a fun time on this shoot, we would definitely call it an adventure! Her motto is to be an eclectic girl in a sublime world, to express and love yourself for who you are. Paige is such a hard worker and we feel her pieces in this line reflect her inner self and her motto. Here are more photos of the shoot that we’d like to share and please check out Paige’s website,I Am Sublime!

Also, we did a short video for her lookbook which you can view at the bottom of this post!

I Am Sublime Fall 2017 Lookbook Video