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H appy December! This holiday season crept up on us and we’re just now starting to decorate our home. We have two kids, Charlie- a two year old & Lune- a seven month old, and we wanted to start some new traditions this year. One being an advent calendar that we’d love to share, even if you don’t have any kids,  you can make it your own. Stringing bags filled with activities and gifts is such a fun idea and really brings out the holiday spirit. Our kids still have no idea what the heck Christmas is, but I mean, it’s fun and exciting for us as parents to see their curiosity and glee in their faces when we have to open up a bag each morning.

We wanted it to be fun and colorful to our liking so we used a rustic wooden ladder as the base. We then bought some festive printed bags at the dollar section at Target and strung them on the ladder with corresponding numbers. We filled them up with activities to do & small gifts (usually on the days when we don’t have the time to do any activities for the day). Finished it up with some winter foliage to add more holiday spirit and it’s done, an easy advent calendar that plans out your days until Christmas is here!

Here’s a list of what we have planned for our advent calendar:

Happy Holidays folks!