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W e knew that this year was going be another life changing one. We’ve been pregnant back to back and each year we have seen a difference in our lives, not only because we grew as a family, but we are no longer in that funk where we were stuck for so long. We pursued our business, we added onto our family, and we try to be productive with our time and start living a life that is minimal and memorable. This year we are grateful for so many things but we’d like to share a couple of them because they are at the top of the list this Thanksgiving. Below this post, you’ll find a video that we created on what we are thankful for. Please check it out & hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Our hands enable us to connect; creatively, spiritually, physically… It’s the link that connects us to what we do. It’s funny to be grateful for something that we take for granted of sometimes, but we use it everyday and we are thankful we have them.


We have been creating videos and photos for a very long time. Though now we love to help out our clients showcase their business and their events with this medium, we’ve always been interested in documenting our lives even before our kids. We made vlogs when we were in college, took selfies when we were dating, and we just always had a camera with us. Actually, even before we met, we were already creating with our cameras in high school. Since having children though, our photographs mean so much more. We see our son, Charlie, look through photos and videos of him when he was just months old and it is amazing to see him light up when we tell him that the baby in the screen, is him. We love it and we feel no guilt in taking hundreds of photos of them.


Even though we experience a sunset each day, it reminds us that time is passing by and there is always a new beginning despite how our day went. We also like the fact that sunsets interconnect people. For example, in San Diego we experience beautiful sunsets all the time, however when that one crazy & amazing color palette of a sunset is painting the sky, we all share it in our stories that night.


We used to travel often. Among them, our favorite ones are laid back road trips where we have less plans and more exploring. Our first big road trip was visiting 15+ west coast and mid west states in 2011. That was our first taste of the open road and to different nature environments than we were used to in California. Since then, we’ve tried to visit more places where we felt humbled and minuscule in scale to the earth. Our favorites are Zion National Park, Big Sur, Antelope Canyon, and Yellowstone National Park. There are so many places to explore and we are definitely going to bring our kids once they are in a good age to start adventuring with us. We would love to teach them that this world has been here for so long and nature seems to be one of the only constant things that are permanent. Also, being in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night and looking up at the night sky is the most humbling experience we have ever felt, that knowing there is something far more bigger than us.


Our kids has changed us. We see life differently and experience moments in a way where it is new again. We are always learning with them and from them. Parenting is such an evolving experience and also a rewarding one. When we put them to bed at night, we see these tiny faces sleeping next to us and we can’t help but to be grateful each day we are with them and seeing them grow. Our love for them is bigger than what we had ever imagined and more.